It is time for revelation!

Why is it that people believe that there was a new covenant, when in actuality it was a re newing of the old covenant as prophesied by the prophets of old. We were to go back to the old covenant which was delivered by Yahweh through Moshe and Yahshua at that time. We are all to keep the Shebat and to be in strict obedience to the Torah as it was written in Deuteronomy. As it was prophesied someday the Lost Sheep of Yisrael would some day wake up in the land of the gentiles and would be given a heart to obey Torah as it should be not as the Jewish and Christian’s have perverted it. Paul was sent after Yahshua’s because we did not receive Torah through Yahshua, so Yahshua went back to Yah to wait and Paul along with the adversary (evil spirit which Yah will soon remove) came to pull the wool over our eyes just as it happened to Adam. The Adversary has tricked us and once again whispered to our greedy hearts that we no longer must obey and we surely shall not die if we do not OBEY TORAH. It is hard to accept but it is the narrow road which almost all have missed completely and the world is running down the wide path now but thinks it is running to Yah. Yahshua said it would happen and at the end they will all be yelling in turmoil saying they did all this in his name and he will alas say I do not know you who work lawlessness!!! Our true faith was hijacked but the true message has been carried forth to us in Mattithyah’s gospel. Yahshua taught Torah and that it what we must walk in, in order to even be recognized, for Yah does not even hear a sinner’s prayer that is empty, it is a stench in Yah’s nostrils. The world is now like it was in the days of Noah, beware Yah has showed me the truth and I pass it to you. Do not follow the betrayer Paul’s gospel for it is the gospel of death, we are not free, we must enter the covenant and with every strngth Yah gives us we must over come sin and then finally you will be ready and He will fill your heart with Torah so you love it and hereby Love Yahweh Elohim. You must be a lost sheep not a repulsive liar!
Jason         a small speck with earth shattering truth for all who can accept it. Yahshua came to strighten out path to our Father, Yahshua is the branch we must OBEY him not just believe for we are fools without works…. Keep the sabbath obey the commandments given by Moshe for it will lead to life!!!


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